Use Business Interior Plants to Improve Staff Productivity

Sure, interiorscapes and plants improve the look and feel of your office. But, did you know that adding live plants to your workplace can help your staff become more efficient?

Business Office Plants

In today’s streamlined business environment, adding green or flowering plants provides a variety of emotional and cognitive benefits for your and your staff. Even better, affordable interiorscape services can add directly to your bottom line!

Modern Office Environments Lack Comfort

Over the last decade, commercial space planning and interior design have taken a stripped-down, no-frills approach. Generally regarded as “lean,” this approach includes open floor plans and shared desks. As a result, employees are unable to add the personal touches that bring a sense of connection.

In fact, recent research demonstrates that most employees are uncomfortable in the modern office environment. But, at the same time, this approach to commercial interior design makes sense for the business owner on many levels.

Fortunately, business interior plants can help you overcome these challenges.

The Many Benefits of Adding Business Interior Plants

Living plants add a striking element of beauty to any interior space. Their benefits, however, go far beyond simple aesthetics.

Office plants clean the indoor air and reduce unpleasant odors. They reduce employee absenteeism and illness. Employees have more motivation and reduced turnover intent. Staff members report feeling less stress and conflict with coworkers is reduced.

In fact, some of the largest, most successful U.S. businesses have recognized the value of interiorscaping. Both Google and Twitter now feature large living walls in their facilities.

For your customers and prospects, interiorscapes improve the look and feel of your facility and present a more polished, impressive image.

How Business Interior Plants Increase Productivity

The University of Exeter conducted an extensive field study, demonstrating that the addition of green or flowering office plants can increase employee productivity significantly. This study, conducted in currently operating businesses, replicated prior research that had been conducted in a lab setting.

Although the detailed psychological reasons for this are complex, the bottom line is that business interior plants – living or flowering plants, not silk – changed the employees’ perceptions of the environment. Overwhelmingly, they reported a noticeable difference in air quality, in their ability to concentrate and in their level of job satisfaction.

Comparing employee output over time, both before and after adding interiorscapes and plants, overall productivity increased by 15 percent. That level of increased productivity is more than enough to pay for adding green plants and interiorscapes to your office or facility, especially if you use an indoor plant service.

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