Beautify Your Office Interiorscape with a Living Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens bring new life to your office interiorscape. Also called living or green walls, these beautifully unique garden structures can transform any indoor space.

Whether you have a blank, boring wall in your office or you would like to add life and style to a small commercial space, a vertical garden interiorscape may be the answer.vertical gardens utah

What are Vertical Gardens Interiorscapes?

Vertical gardens place plants so that they grow upwards along the face of a wall. Some cover the entire wall, while others are designed to provide a smaller focal point for a larger office interiorscape.

These indoor gardens can be designed using modular systems or specially constructed planting containers that attach directly to the wall. In the right setting, a freestanding living wall adds the right design touch to a commercial interiorscape. Trellises, arbors, tiered floor planters and hanging baskets are among the many standalone vertical gardening structures that can bring new life to an office, restaurant or retail space.

Designing Vertical Gardens for a Commercial Interiorscape

Designing a stunning living wall interiorscape requires a similar approach and attention to detail as a traditional (horizontal) indoor gardenscape. Color, contrast and texture must be coordinated and balanced to harmonize with the interior décor of the space to create a striking design.

Besides adding beauty, living walls can be designed to suit other interior space planning purposes. Vertical gardening structures can define spaces, provide privacy or sound insulation, for example. Or they can be designed to incorporate plants that filter out pollutantsindoor air quality.

Vertical interiorscape designs must also take maintenance into consideration. Wall gardens require a modified approach to watering, fertilization and pruning, as compared to traditional indoor plants.

Choosing Plants for Vertical Interiorscapes

Just as with traditional indoor office plant selection, choosing plants for a living wall or vertical interiorscape must consider the conditions of your space. Sunlight, humidity and temperature conditions will help determine which plants are most suitable.

Regardless of the conditions of the space, plants with shallow roots are typically utilized. Also, plants with similar watering and fertilization needs are placed together in groupings.

What types of plants work best in living walls? Vines and ivies that climb are obvious choices, but many of these species require full sun to thrive. Various types of ferns are used in vertical interiorscapes because they are low-maintenance and forgiving of tough growing conditions. Similarly, bromeliads and succulents require little attention and can grow in sunlight or shade.

Mosses and grasses are other popular options for vertical interiorscape designs, as they create a gorgeous, lush look that offers major visual impact. Today’s most stunning living wall designs include cacti, flowering plants and even herbs, such as basil, parsley and mint.

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