Lucky Office Plants to Bring Good Fortune in the New Year

Could something as simple as choosing the right office plants bring you good luck and good fortune?

We can’t say for sure, but history tells the legends of many plants believed to be good luck charms. If you’d like more joy and good fortune in the new year – and who wouldn’t? – you may want to choose some of these lucky species for your office. Even if they don’t bring a shower of luck your way, they are guaranteed to improve the look and feel of your business and create a healthier indoor environment.

Lucky Bamboo Office Plants Attract Happiness and Wealth

One of the most well-known plants said to bring good luck is the lucky bamboo. Contrary to what the name suggests, this plant is not a bamboo species at all. It’s a member of the dracaena family of tropical, palm-like shrubs and trees. lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is associated with all kinds of specific meanings, and the stalks are grown and arranged in bundles to attract the type of luck desired.

For example, a bundle of three lucky bamboo stalks is thought to bring happiness, long life and wealth. A five-stem bundle is said to attract emotional, intuitive, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Lucky meanings are given to each number up through 10, though 21 stalks are considered to bring the most powerful overall good fortune and enduring health. Don’t look for an arrangement of four bamboo stalks, though – that number is said to draw negative energy.

And, as office plants go, lucky bamboo is simple to grow and adaptable to most any location.

Money Tree Office Plants Symbolize Prosperity

Money may not grow on trees, but one plant is believed to bring wealth and prosperity. Known as the Malabar chestnut or Pachira aquatic – or, more commonly, the money tree – this plant is a type of tropical wetland tree

Legend says that, for these plants to bring good luck, their stems must be braided together in bundles of three or five. As with lucky bamboo, you won’t find money trees with four stalks – that number is also bad luck for this type of plant.

These plants have typically have five leaves to represent the five main elements – earth, fire, metal, water and wood. But, if you’re lucky enough to find money trees with seven leaves, you may be extra prosperous.

Again, this species is one of the easiest office plants to grow. They tolerate low light and require infrequent watering.

Jade Office Plants Bring Good Financial Luckjade plant

Plants with rounded leaves are said to bring good fortune in the form of financial luck. Crassula ovata or crassula argentea, also called jade plants, are small succulents with vibrant green leaves. These leaves are said to be lucky because they resemble jade coins.

Thought to attract good financial energy, these office plants are often placed near the entrance of a business so that prosperity and success will come walking in the door. Jade plants are traditional good luck charms, and often given as gifts to help boost the wealth of the recipient.

Jade plants prefer more light but only require water when the top layer of soil becomes dry to the touch.

Bring your company health and happiness in the new year by adding the perfect plants for your workplace. Living Creations provides professional plant services to businesses throughout northern Utah. Contact our Salt Lake City office today for more information on choosing the right office plants to meet your needs.