3 Hot Office Interiorscape Design Trends

Office interiorscape design is a trend of its own, as more businesses are embracing the benefits of adding plants to the workplace. Cleaner air, improved staff productivity and living beauty – what’s not to like?

Design magazines are filled with creative ideas on how to bring nature indoors. Below are three of the top interiorscape trends taking the northern Utah business scene by storm.

No. 1: Using Vertical Gardens in Office Interiorscape Design

Green living walls, known as vertical gardens, are popping up in restaurants, corporate buildings, hotels, retail centers and small businesses throughout northern Utah.

A living wall interiorscape makes for a stunning focal point in any space. Whatever types of plants are used — vines, ivies, ferns, herbs, cacti, succulents or flowering plants – a lush vertical garden offers a major visual impact.

Interior plant services create gorgeous indoor wall gardens matched to the environmental conditions of a business space. And, living walls can also be designed for function. Vertical, free-standing structures can define office areas, add privacy or reduce noise.interiorscape trends Utah

No. 2: Monochromatic Office Interiorscape Design

Many northern Utah corporate centers, boutique hotels and modern office spaces are adopting the greener trend by sticking with a monochromatic color scheme throughout their entire interiorscape design.

In this design scheme, every container for office plants is the same color. The plants themselves are not all identical, but their foliage is similar in tone. The shades are chosen to coordinate with the office décor, just as interior designers select colors for the walls, furniture and decorative accessories.

White containers against white walls bring attention to vibrant office plants, but other colors can also work well. Unique plant varieties are particularly well-suited for this interiorscape approach, as their interesting foliage is put in the spotlight.

No. 3: Repeating Office Interiorscape Plants

Repetition may sound a little boring, but this office interiorscape design trend creates a bold, dramatic look.

When done correctly, placing multiple containers – often in varying sizes or heights – of the same plants can produce a striking effect. As with the monochromatic interiorscape trend, repetition works best with unique office plants.

Using just a couple of species of office plants – or a few varieties of one species – brings cohesion and makes for an ultra-modern interior design. This interiorscape design approach is a popular choice for high-end retail spaces, contemporary offices and corporate parks.

Trends come and go, and no single interiorscape style is appropriate for every business. Choosing the right design requires the expertise of an interior plant service.

Living Creations is the leading interiorscape service in northern Utah, assisting businesses with office plants, flower arrangements and holiday décor for over 20 years. To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary office interiorscape design consultation, contact us today.