Business Interiorscapes: 5 Ways to Get Creative

Business interiorscapes can brighten up the workplace, improve the indoor environment and boost staff productivity. So, it’s no surprise that more northern Utah offices are embracing the interiorscape trend.Business Interiorscapes

Indoor plants can easily sit on a desk or shelf, of course. But why not consider something a little different for your business interiorscapes and plants?

No. 1: Use Interiorscapes & Plants as Part of the Furniture

Why put a plant on a table when you can make a design statement and make the plant an actual part of the furniture? Indoor plants can be installed in the center of round or oval tables, or placed in a trough in the middle of a rectangular or square table. A range of custom furniture and planter options are available, or your interiorscape professional can recommend ways to modify your current furniture to create built-in planters.

No. 2: Incorporate Living Vertical Gardens

Another interesting way to add indoor plants to your workplace is by creating a living wall. Vertical gardens offer a dramatic visual punch, whether they cover an entire wall or provide a smaller focal point for an office. Living walls are particularly well-suited for businesses with limited floor, desk or counter space.

No. 3: Go Higher with Business Interiorscapes & Plants

When thinking about the placement of your office plants, look upwards. Adding a few hanging baskets or allowing vines to drape down from the tops of tall cabinets or shelving units might just be the ideal way to bring nature indoors, without sacrificing much-needed space.

No. 4: Divide the Business Interior Space

A large, open office area can look rather sparse unless you break it up somehow – and indoor plants are a great solution. A grouping of planters can divide the space, while at the same time making your business look friendly and inviting.

No. 5: Hide Imperfect Business Interior Elements

Regardless of how well your office building was designed, chances are you have at least one or two structural features that you could do without seeing every day. With a few strategically-placed interior plants, you can easily hide the unattractive elements and boost the beauty of your business.

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